Trauma-Informed Schools Conference

Trauma-Informed Schools Conference


Date: November 7, 2020 | Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

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The 2020 Ohio Trauma-Informed Schools Conference taking place virtually on Nov. 7.     

Conference sessions will provide information and tools that help school personnel and community partners better understand the impact of trauma and how to apply trauma-informed practices at the district, building and classroom levels to best support the whole child. Virtual sessions will be led by educators, school personnel, mental health providers, community partners, medical professionals and others with competence and experience to train trauma-informed practices in schools ensuring that Every School is Trauma Informed

Conference Materials:

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  • Keynote Speaker I: Steve Graner, Fellow with the Child Trauma Academy, offers expertise on trauma, brain development and trauma informed practices in education. 
  • Keynote Speaker II: Habeebah Grimes, Chief Executive Officer with the Positive Education Program, offers expertise on evidence-based trauma informed practices. 
In addition to the keynote speakers. Presentation sessions will cover the following topics for beginner and intermediate/advanced audiences: 
  • Impact of Trauma on Brain Development and Functioning 
  • Tier I Strategies
  • Tier II and Tier III Strategies
  • Secondary Trauma and Self-Care
  • Aligning and Integrating Trauma with Other Initiatives
  • School-wide Systems for Leading Trauma Informed Schools
  • District-wide Systems for Leading Trauma Informed Schools
  • Trauma Informed Discipline Practices
  • Working with Diverse Student Populations


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