Student Wellness and Success Funding Information for Districts

Ohio law Ohio Revised Code Section 3317.26 outlines how districts can use these funds. Districts should consider the factors listed in the table below as they decide how to use their funds.

Student Wellness and Success Funding is available in October and February. Traditional public school districts, community schools, joint vocational school districts, and STEM schools can see School Finance Payment Reports here.

A. Student Wellness and Success Initiatives (ORC 3317.26(B))

B. Community Partners 
(ORC 3317.26(C))

  1. Mental health services
  2. Services for homeless youth
  3. Services for child welfare involved youth
  4. Community liaisons
  5. Physical health care services
  6. Mentoring programs
  7. Family engagement and support services
  8. City Connects programming
  9. Professional development regarding the provision of trauma-informed care
  10. Professional development regarding cultural competence
  11. Student services provided prior to or after the regularly scheduled school day or any time school is not in session
  1. A board of alcohol, drug and mental health services
  2. An educational service center
  3. A county board of developmental disabilities
  4. A community-based mental health treatment provider
  5. A board of health of a city or general health district
  6. A county department of job and family services
  7. A nonprofit organization with experience serving children
  8. A public hospital agency

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