Educators have a visible place in their communities. The choices they make, even when well-intended, can affect their families, jobs, schools and profession. The Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Education Association and Ohio Federation of Teachers offer this series of tip sheets supported by the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators and Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators on how to recognize situations which can get good educators in trouble.

#ABConduct TipSheets

#1 - Social Media Tips
Most educators carry smart phones that give them photo, video and texting opportunities and the instant ability to post, like or snap. But these social media opportunities can blur the line between work and personal life.

#2 - Extracurricular Leaders
Athletic coaches, music directors and club advisors make a life-shaping impact on their students, but they also face unique situations. They often spend long hours with students, interact with them outside school and manage public funds. These scenarios present added professional risks.

#3 - Dollars and Sense

The public gives educators a great deal of responsibility to manage public funds. If educators fail to properly manage these funds, even by accident, they can be held personally and professionally liable.


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