Ohio's Educator Standards

The Educator Standards Board (ESB) was established by the Ohio General Assembly to bring standards-based reform to the educator level by defining standards for teachers and principals at all stages of their careers.

In 2004, Senate Bill (SB) 2 placed into law many of the recommendations made by the Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success in the areas of standards, teacher preparation, recruitment and retention and professional development.

The State Board of Education adopted the new teacher, principal and professional development standards in October 2005. The Standards for Ohio Educators book details the standards and how they can be used.

The Ohio Continuum of Teacher Development: A Resource Tool for Educators supports Ohio's educators as they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the highest quality education to Ohio students. Based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Continuum describes teachers' progress throughout the course of their careers.

In December 2010 , the Ohio Department of Education released the new Ohio Standards for School Treasurers and School Business Managers, a collaboration between the Ohio Educator Standards Board and the Ohio Association of School Business Officials. This document will serve as:

  • an overview of the expectations of leadership, management, communication, collaboration and professionalism for school treasurers and school business managers;
  • an instrument for the effective professional development of school treasurers and school business managers; and,
  • criteria for measurement of standard compliance.

Ohio is the first state to develop standards for its school treasurers and school business managers. Release of the Ohio Standards for School Treasurers and School Business Managers completes Ohio's commitment to establishing standards for the education community, including teachers, principals, professional development and superintendents.

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