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The Ohio Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems (eTPES) is an online educator evaluation system for statewide use by Ohio districts and schools.

Evaluators can collect and store growth and improvement plans, evidence and documented observations to determine educator performance based upon defined rubrics. The electronic system will follow the framework for educator evaluation as adopted by the State Board of Education, which includes multiple measures of teacher and principal performance (50 percent) and student academic growth (50 percent).


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Note:  The entire presentation is in one file.  If you prefer to view the presentation in 10-15 minute increments, view the videos below.


eTPES is funded by the Race to the Top grant and is provided at no cost to LEAs statewide.

A variety of other vendors have mobile applications for educator evaluation for standard web browsers and mobile devices. These applications are at a cost to the LEA, and are not required by ODE as an addition to the eTPES system. LEAs are at liberty to download and purchase products from these vendors, but need to be aware that if an LEA chooses to use any of these other applications, eTPES is not designed for and will not support integration with other vendor created applications or products.


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