Educator Evaluation Overview

Ohio teachers, school administrators, higher education faculty and representatives from Ohio’s professional associations developed the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System in collaboration with national experts in the area of teacher evaluation.

Ohio's system for evaluating teachers is research-based and designed to be transparent, fair and adaptable to the specific contexts of Ohio’s districts (rural, urban, suburban, large and small). The evaluation system builds on what educators know about the importance of ongoing assessment and feedback as a powerful vehicle to support improved practice.

Two key components of Ohio's evaluation system are weighted equally: a rating of teacher performance (based on classroom observations and other factors) and a rating of student academic growth.

Measuring student growth is challenging because school districts cannot use the same single student assessment for all teachers. They must use Value-Added data from the state assessments when available. If those are not applicable for a given subject or grade, districts can choose to use other assessments provided by national testing vendors and approved for use in Ohio. For subjects without state assessments or approved vendor assessments – such as art or music – districts should establish a process to create student learning objectives to measure student progress.

Changes in the evaluation system

Beginning in 2014-2015, Sub. House Bill 362 enables districts to make several changes in their teacher evaluation system. First, Ohio school districts may choose to use the original teacher evaluation framework (that is based on 50 percent on teacher performance and 50 percent on student growth measures); or the alternative framework, which weights teacher performance and student growth equally, but also includes an additional component as 15 percent of the total. For more information about both frameworks, please visit the Teacher Evaluation page. The graphic charts under the Resources heading provide details.

A second change outlined in Sub. House Bill 362 allows districts to select a less frequent evaluation cycle for teachers rated accomplished or skilled for the previous school year. Please note that these changes apply only to teacher evaluation. Districts are to follow the original educator evaluation system for principal evaluation.

A brief history of teacher evaluation in Ohio

Over the past decade, Ohio made important education policy advances to encourage high-quality teaching, student learning and achievement, as well as excellent standards and accountability.

In 2004, both the Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success and Senate Bill 2 addressed the topic of teacher quality. The legislation mandated the creation of the Educator Standards Board, which was charged with the creation of the following:

House Bill 1 in 2009 directed the Educator Standards Board to recommend model evaluation systems for teachers and principals to the State Board of Education for their review and adoption. The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System was created in response to this mandate and designed to be used to assess the performance of Ohio teachers.

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