Teacher Evaluations

Ohio's system for evaluating teachers (Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System) provides educators with a rich and detailed view of their performance, with a focus on specific strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Changes to Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for 2014-2015

State law (Ohio House Bill 362) brought changes to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond. The first change will allow less frequent evaluation of teachers receiving skilled and accomplished ratings, while still providing them with feedback on their work.

The second change will allow districts a choice between: 1) the current (original) teacher evaluation structure (based on teacher performance rating and student growth rating, each at 50 percent; and 2) the new alternative teacher evaluation framework, which weights teacher performance and student growth equally, but also includes an additional component as 15 percent of the total.


Original Evaluation Framework Components

Evaluations have two components, each weighted at 50 percent:

  1. Teacher performance rating, determined from:
  2. Student academic growth rating

New Alternative Framework Components  

  1. Teacher performance rating weighted at 42.5 percent, determined from:
  2. Student academic growth rating, weighted at 42.5 percent
  3. One alternative component from the list below, using a department-approved instrument:
  • Student surveys;
  • Teacher self-evaluations;
  • Peer review evaluations; or
  • Student portfolios.


Based on the evaluation, teachers receive one of four ratings.


Each teacher will be evaluated according to Ohio Revised Code and an evaluation framework that is aligned with the Standards for the Teaching Profession adopted under state law.  


The electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES) is the required accountability system for conducting and documenting educator evaluations and calculating ratings. Click here for more information.

Educator Evaluation Process Review

The Educator Evaluation Process Review is in effect supporting educator evaluation implementation statewide as required by law. Each Ohio district will participate in the review once every four years. The purpose of the process review is to ensure districts are able to implement the Ohio Educator Evaluation systems with accuracy.

How are Final Summative Ratings Calculated?

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