Alternative Components

New Alternative Framework Components

The new alternative framework structure includes a third measure as 15 percent of the teacher evaluation. If a district chooses the alternative framework, one of the following components shall be 15 percent of each teacher’s evaluation: student surveys, teacher self-evaluations, peer review evaluations or student portfolios. If selecting the alternative framework, districts must use one of the department-approved instruments below with the selected alternative component.

Teacher Self-Evaluation as an Alternative Component of Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Self-Evaluation promotes an objective self-reflection of strengths and areas for growth. The reflection should be based on analysis of evidence about effective instructional practices and the impact of those practices on student learning.

Peer Review Evaluation as an Alternative Component of Teacher Evaluation

Peer review evaluation is an ongoing process in which the teacher and peer reviewer examine data, performance and student learning.  The Peer Review Evaluation tool can be used to promote a collaborative relationship between a teacher and his/her peer reviewer. 

Student Portfolios as an Alternative Component of Teacher Evaluation

Student portfolios provide documentation of a teacher’s practice in relation to the Standards for the Teaching Profession.  As an evaluation tool, student portfolios provide teachers the opportunity to demonstrate how their knowledge and skills result in improved teaching practices and student learning. 

Request for Qualifications – Student Perception Surveys

 A student perception survey is one of several options for use as a component of a new alternative teacher evaluation structure. The Ohio Department of Education requested proposals for qualifications for student perception surveys to be used for this portion of teacher evaluations. These proposals were due July 18 and the department will announce selected surveys early in the 2014-2015 school year. The department also is considering comparable survey instruments for possible use in principal evaluations.

Download the RFQ here.

Approved PreK-12 Student Survey Instruments as an Alternative Component of Teacher Evaluation

Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3319.114) specifies a new, optional alternative framework for teacher evaluation in Ohio. This new alternative framework includes a provision that 15% of a teacher’s evaluation may be based on measures of student survey perception data.


Required by law, the Ohio Department of Education created a list of student surveys that can provide district users a one to four teacher effectiveness rating based upon the student perception survey results. Districts may choose to use a student survey on the ODE-approved list of student surveys as an option to determine teacher effectiveness. Districts administering a student survey on the approved list must contact the survey vendor directly for details on how the survey is used for teacher evaluation.

Approved Student Survey Requirements

The vendors on the approved list provided evidence that the student survey meet these fundamental requirements:

  1. Alignment of survey items to Ohio Teaching Standards;
  2. Grounded in research about teaching and designed to provide evidence of effectiveness of teachers’ practice for formative and/or summative purposes;
  3. Provide historical summary of services;
  4. Meet appropriate standards of validity;
  5. Meet appropriate standards of reliability;

Approved surveys that meet all of the above criteria are on the approved list. If a district is using a student survey on the list, they must contact the student survey vendor directly for details on how the student survey is used for teacher evaluation. There will be future opportunities for vendors to demonstrate they meet the qualifications to be on the list.

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RFQ Student Survey Instruments

Approved 2014-2015 Student Surveys

The following surveys have been approved by ODE for 2014-2015, based on evidence provided by vendors, for use in measuring effectiveness for teacher evaluation purposes:



Survey Name


Aspirations Unlimited International (AUI)/Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA)

iKnow My Class Survey


Cambridge Education, LLC

Tripod Student Survey


My Student Survey, LLC

STeP (Survey of TEacher Practices)


My Student Survey, LLC

STeP (Survey of TEacher Practices)


Panorama Education

Panorama Student Perception Survey



NOTE: The Ohio Department of Education does not approve the monetary aspect and cost structure of the provision of services. Monetary aspects and cost structure of the provision of services are determined between the District and the vendor. ODE will not provide any funds for district use of the assessments on this list or any other assessments the district may consider for the use with their evaluation systems.

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