OTES 1.0 Shared Attribution

The COVID-19 ordered school-building closure affects educator evaluation systems. Specifically, this impacts decisions around completion of 2019-2020 educator evaluations and implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) 2.0. Please access additional information here.

Shared attribution is defined as a student growth measure that can be attributed to a group. This measure can be used to encourage collaborative goals and may be used as data in the student growth component of teacher and principal evaluation. The Ohio Department of Education recommends careful consideration and collaboration regarding the use of shared attribution data for teachers of kindergarten through grade 12, as the intent of the evaluation system is to capture the truest picture of an individual teacher’s impact on his or her student population.

Ultimately, the use of a shared attribution measure, including the percentage of weight designated within guidelines set in law, is a district decision. Student growth measures should collectively represent each individual teacher’s impact on student learning for his or her particular student population. Therefore, choosing to use shared attribution at any level should not be taken lightly.

The decision to use shared attribution according to a particular weight(s) should involve close consideration of individual district factors, as well as how the practice will promote collaboration and achieve consistency.

The department provides recommendations to assist districts with shared attribution decisions in this guidance document.

Last Modified: 4/17/2020 12:25:04 PM