Senate Bill 216 Enact Public School Deregulation Act

SECTION 6. (A) For the 2019-2020 school year, the Department of Education shall establish a pilot program to guide implementation of the framework for the evaluation of teachers revised under section 3319.112 of the Revised Code, as amended by this act. The Department shall issue a request for school districts to volunteer to participate in the pilot program. However, the Department may Am. Sub. S. B. No. 216 132nd G.A. 77 designate a district to participate only with the approval and consent of the district's board of education. The Department shall make a good faith effort to ensure a participant pool of adequate size and diversity. (B) The Department shall provide professional development and technical assistance to teachers and evaluators in participating school districts prior to their use of the revised teacher evaluation framework. The Department shall collect feedback from participating districts, teachers, and evaluators on the implementation of the framework, and shall use such feedback to make recommendations on the framework and to improve professional development on the framework. (C) The Department shall work with stakeholder groups in conducting the pilot program.

Last Modified: 4/3/2020 9:41:50 AM