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Business Rules

  • Business Rules for Student Growth Measures
    Addresses technical questions about SGMs, including those regarding teachers with highly mobile student populations or extremely high or low numbers of students. Districts and schools should assume all teachers included in the new evaluation system per state law will have growth measures unless these business rules state otherwise.


Watch videos about student growth measures and student learning objectives from the Race to the Top Connecting the Dots conference.


Creating Student Growth Measures Plans

Student Growth Measure Pilot Program

The Ohio Department of Education has awarded individual PreK-12 LEAs to pilot a locally-developed student growth measures (SGMs) plan. The program will provide LEAs support as they design and deploy a locally determined SGMs plan.

Student Growth Measures Pilot Awardees

  • Liberty Center
  • Mechanicsburg EV
  • Kenston Local
  • Shelby City
  • Morgan Local
  • Southern Local
  • Hamilton City
  • Parma City
  • Scioto Valley
  • Fairborn City
  • Avon Lake City
  • Milton-Union
  • Green Local


More Questions?

Read the frequently asked questions about Student Growth Measures.

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