Value-Added Student Growth Measure

Student growth measures make up a major percentage of a teacher’s or principal’s evaluation. If Value-Added data is available from the state assessments, it must be used in the student growth measures calculation at 10-50 percent (in districts following the original evaluation framework) and 10-42.5 percent (in districts using the alternative framework). See details on the graphic diagrams of the original and alternative frameworks posted here.

Instructions for EVAAS access for teachers in new districts

Ohio’s new evaluation system is built on the fact that no one single measure can determine if a teacher is effective. We use a balanced approach that blends observations by trained educators and many data points. Value-Added is one source of information that we incorporate into our teacher evaluation system.

Value-added analysis is a statistical method that helps educators measure the impact schools and teachers have on students’ academic progress rates from year to year.  All Value-Added measures are not the same. In fact, Value-Added measures differ from state to state. Ohio has been careful to select a Value-Added measure that provides educators with information on how they can use data to focus instruction.

Long before Value Added was implemented into Ohio’s teacher evaluation system, thousands of educators in Ohio used Value-Added as a valuable tool to see how students are progressing and which teaching methods are having the greatest impact. (The first teacher Value-Added reports were generated in 2006 for a group of pioneering Ohio schools.)

Because many teachers in Ohio began using Value-Added years before it was incorporated into the teacher evaluation system, Ohio has laid a firm foundation that supports using this Value-Added information for professional learning and supporting students.

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