Teacher/Student Data Linkage definitions (2011-12)

Ohio has identified three different but related definitions for teacher/student data linkages (often referred to generally as “Teacher of Record”). These three definitions have somewhat different needs, implications and purposes, although they all fit under the teacher-student data linkage umbrella and often overlap. Ohio’s policies and data system will have to effectively provide a method of identifying all three. Many of these purposes (such as growth measures for nontested subjects) are still under development. The TSDL-CELT pilot districts (Columbus, Delaware, Canton Local) will provide detailed feedback from the LEA perspective.

For the 2011-12 school year, ODE will utilize the three “Teacher/Student Data Linkage” definitions:

  • Assigned Educator
  • Teacher of Record
  • Contributing Professional



Teacher/Student Data Linkage definitions (2011-12) Documents

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