Value-Added Roster Verification

Teachers can review and refine their class rosters during roster verification to ensure that their classroom time is linked to the correct students, for the correct subjects and the proper amount of time. The system allows for complex situations, such as when multiple teachers must claim instructional time for an individual student. 

District Leaders – Steps to Get Ready for 2016 Roster Verification

Mark district calendars for important dates


Learn who will link this year

Value-added data available in the past for the student growth portion of educator evaluation has been in grades 4-8 English language arts and mathematics. As Ohio’s new state tests are unveiled during the next few years, more teachers will be involved with roster verification because data from more tests will be included in student growth measures. Teachers who should participate in roster verification are those who teach the following courses during the 2015-2016 school year:

  • Elementary and Middle School Tests: Grades 4-8 – English Language Arts and Mathematics; Grade 5 and 8 – Science; Grade 6 – Social Studies.
  • High School Credit End-of-Course Tests: Algebra I, Geometry, Integrated Mathematics I, Integrated Mathematics II, English I, English II, American History and Biology

administrators - please take leadership roles

  • Superintendents and Sponsors Using eTPES – Leadership of traditional districts; joint vocational, career-technical and community schools; as well as educational service centers are to confirm their participation in roster verification within the electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System.
  • Sponsors of Community Schools Not Using eTPES – These sponsors will signify their participation in roster verification by signing and submitting the form below.
  • Roster Verification Intent to Participate Form for Community Schools
  • Principals – Principals will serve as the key lead for their buildings and assist teachers in accurately depicting their instructional time and relationships.
  • Lead administrators – These staff members will need access to all teachers’ rosters within the district so they can help superintendents monitor districtwide completion.
  • Educational service centers – A service center administrator needs to oversee roster verification for service center classes composed of students from multiple districts. When classes are completely composed of students from one district, that district will handle roster verification.

Encourage training among building leaders and teachers

Options described on the flyer include: 

  • Regional in-person training for principals and administrators who are “novices” with roster verification. Participants can sign up for two topics on each day (a value-added overview related to the new state tests as well as roster verification application training). Register in STARS through your SAFE account; keyword search: roster.
  • Webinars on roster verification application training for experienced and novice principals, school leaders, teachers, trainers and educational service center staff.

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