Credentialed Evaluators

Initial Training of Candidates Seeking Credentialed Evaluator Status

Educators who need to gain credentials to perform teacher, school counselor and/or principal evaluations may choose from a schedule of state-sponsored training sessions offered around the state. To become a credentialed evaluator, candidates must complete in-person training (Online options exist during accommodations due to Covid-19.) and an online test. Evaluators must be credentialed under the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (1.0 or 2.0) that is being implemented by the district. Select a training session and register in the Training and Registration application (STARS) through your OH|ID account, searching with the appropriate keyword as noted below:

OTES 1.0

OTES 2.0


  • All evaluators in Ohio, regardless of the evaluation system they use, are identified at the local level and will have to complete the one-day OSCES training conducted by state trainers. Educational service centers offer this training.
  • Register through the Training and Registration application (STARS) in the OH|ID platform or by contacting your local educational service center.
  • Evaluators of school counselors MUST enter the date of training and upload a copy of the certificate into eTPES or OES so that the superintendent or superintendent designee can approve them as an evaluator of school counselors.


  • These candidates will take two days of in-person training before taking their test.
  • Search Training and Registration (STARS) using keyword: OPES.

Re-calibration of Credentials by Existing Teacher (OTES 1.0) and Principal Evaluators

Credentialed evaluators are able to renew their designations by successfully completing training and a test developed by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET). Successful re-calibration is required every two years to maintain credentialed evaluator status.

Those who are registered as evaluators in the electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES) will not be able to enter data in this system past their credential expiration dates unless they have successfully completed the re-calibration process.

To renew credentials, teacher evaluators must take three hours of online training and principal evaluators must take two hours of online training. Both teacher and principal evaluators also will need to pass the corresponding test.

Steps to Get Ready for Re-Calibration

Be sure you can log into the NIET website. Your educator license number is your user name for accessing the site. You will find this number by logging your OH|ID account and accessing the CORE licensure system section of ODE CORE. If you do not remember your NIET password, you will find directions on creating a new password on the NIET login screen. After login, choose 'Online Credentialing' from the menu to begin Evaluator Credentialing/Re-calibration test.

Note your expiration date. While logged in on the NIET website, you can find the expiration date for your current credentials by using the following links: My Account, Online Credentialing, and Teacher and/or Principal Evaluation Credentialing Test. In the bottom right corner, you can view your credential history. When you have passed the re-calibration test, you also will be able print a certificate from this menu. The new credential will be valid for two years from the date of successful passage of the test.

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