Apply for a New License

A variety of individuals who will be working with students in a school setting will use an application for a new credential in the My Educator Profile system through ODE.CORE. Examples include principals, teachers (including substitutes), treasurers, coaches, educational aides and pupil services personnel. 

An educator licensed to teach particular grades, (ex. prekindergarten through grade 3) who has qualifications for requesting another teaching license (ex. Middle Childhood) also should use the new application for the new license. Learn how renew an existing license here.

Learn about Credential Types and Requirements 

Getting Started on a New Application

  • Sign into your SAFE account, OR if you do not have one, create a SAFE account. Once you receive confirmation that it is set up, sign into your account.
  • Click on ODE.CORE
  • Select My Educator Profile
  • On the My Information page, enter your contact information including email address.
  • Go to My Applications (from the top left drop-down menu).
  • Select the New Credential Application button at right.
  • Find the license type that is correct for you.
  • Click on Apply Now.



Last Modified: 3/10/2015 5:43:43 PM