Apply for a New License

Beginning January 2014 – all first-time and renewal licensure applications must be completed online.  Paper applications will not be processed if received after December 31st, 2013.

Apply online!

You may now apply for your license in just a few minutes online if the person who approves licenses at your district or university is signed up as an electronic signer.

Authorized representatives – (superintendents, local professional development chairs and university deans or their designees) will find instructions on how to complete the e-signer registration process here.

Licensure applicants – Access or create your SAFE account to get started on the easy online application process through My Educator Profile. Once you have a SAFE account you will be able to access My Educator Profile from the ODE CORE link on your SAFE account menu. If you like, you may click here for informational videos and the My Educator Profile User Guide for more information. 

Please note that initial out-of-state licensure requests DO NOT require an authorized e-signer.

Apply Online

Using the My Educator Profile tool, educators can update their demographic data and pay licensure fees online using a credit card.

Access My Educator Profile by signing into SAFE.

Note: If your application requires an e-signature of a superintendent, Local Professional Development Committee or college education dean, that individual must be an e-signer before you can submit your application online.

Find e-signers.

General Requirements

  • Initial License Application (Education program completed in Ohio)
    Use this application for:
    • 4-Year Resident Educator License
    • Add new areas to existing licenses.
    • An Ohio college or university recommending eligible individuals for an initial Ohio license.
    • Individuals applying for an initial Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist Assistant license.
  • ‚ÄčInitial License Application (Education program completed outside Ohio)
    Additional information:
    • Obtain the BCI and FBI criminal background report fingerprint cards by calling the Office of Educator Licensure at (614) 466-3593.

Specific Requirements



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