Coaching Permits

Pupil Activity Permits are required for individuals who will direct, supervise or coach a student activity program that involves athletics, routine or regular physical activity or activities with health and safety considerations. School districts determine which staff members need to have a permit. Those who wish to apply for a three-year permit through the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Educator Licensure must complete the requirements outlined here.

steps for THOSE Requesting a Permit (new or renewal)

On Your Mark – Contact the school district  

The hiring process. Your first step is to complete the hiring process for serving as a coach or activity director at the school or district where you wish to coach. Be sure to notify the school or district that you will be submitting your permit application request; the superintendent or a credentialed e-signer will need to electronically sign your application. 

Background check. Make sure you have an up-to-date background check on file. If you are renewing, you can check the date of your last background check while completing the application or by looking up your record here. You can ask your district where its staff members start this process if you need to request a new or updated background check. 

Get Ready – Fulfill your training requirements

There are four categories of training below. Applicants should check with their school districts about preferences and procedures related to each area. In most cases, applicants will need to provide documentation of meeting requirements to either their districts or the department. We encourage coaches to keep record of any expiration dates for their training sessions so that they can re-take them as needed before renewing their permits.


Who Verifies?


1. Fundamentals of Coaching - The National Federation of State High School Associations presents this series of online modules.

The District

One-time training. 

2. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training - Fulfill this requirement through a course approved by the district.

The District; applicant provides certificate. Depends upon training program.

3. First Aid for Coaches - Fulfill this requirement through one of the four categories of options outlined below:

  1. Ohio Department of Education-approved pupil activity program. Search for a program during a given time span by entering a beginning and ending date here
The Ohio Department of Education; training provider submits proof of participant completion.

For A and B: depends upon training program.









  1. Nationally approved programs.
    Select one:
The Ohio Department of Education; applicant uploads certificate in step 3 of application.
  1. College or university courses.
    Courses must be completed within the past three years and be related to first aid or athletic training. 

The Ohio Department of Education; applicant uploads transcript in step 3 of application.

  1. Medical licenses.
    The licenses M.D., D.O, D.C., R.N., EMT and A.T.C. fulfill the first aid training requirement.

The Ohio Department of Education; applicant mails or uploads copy of board license in step 3 of application.

4. Concussion Training - Complete one of the hour-long courses on concussion training that are free if you follow directions on the Ohio Department of Health website. The online courses are:


The Ohio Department of Education; applicant uploads certificate in step 3 of application. Every three years.


Get Set – Prepare for the online application 

  • Make sure you have a SAFE account. If you are certain you do not have a SAFE account, set one up following the instructions here
  • If you have a SAFE account but do not remember the user name or password, follow the prompts in the blue sign-in box on the SAFE portal to reset your password. Please do not set up a second SAFE account. If you need assistance, you may contact (877) 644-6338 or
  • IRN - Ask your district for its Information Retrieval Number (IRN).

GO – Use a set-by-step guide while completing the online application 

Application Guide for NEW Coaching Permits 

Application Guide for RENEWAL of Coaching Permits

To Check the Application Status

  1. Log into your SAFE account.
  2. From the SAFE menu, click on ODE.CORE.
  3. Select STATUS - My Applications. 
  4. Under Status, your application will say one of the following:
  • Waiting for Approver Signature – signifies that the application is awaiting review and approval by the e-signer at your district. If approved, your application will move forward in the review process.
  • Pending review – means that ODE’s Office of Educator Licensure is reviewing the application. 

5.If your applicaiton status is on hold, please read the detailed message within the My Applications area (see the Status column) that explains the reason for the “on hold” message. You also will receive an email from the CORE system with this same message, which may ask you to take additional steps before your license request can move forward in the review process.

Additional Information

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