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Become an E-Signer


For Licensure Signers

The goal is to eliminate paper applications and the need to obtain signatures manually. Here’s how to become an e-signer: access or create your SAFE account, click on ODE CORE, select My Educator Profile, click on Enroll Me.

An e-signer will receive an email when an educator submits an online application requiring a signature. The signer will review his or her inbox through CORE "My Educator Profile / My Approvals" and either electronically "sign" (approve), or decline the application. Signers must have at least one of the following valid signer roles in OEDS-R to be eligible to enroll: Superintendent, Superintendent Designee, Dean-College of Education, Dean Designee-College of Education, Coordinator-LPDC, Coordinator Designee-LPDC, or Credential e-Signer.


LEA Type

Available OEDS-R Roles for electronic Signature

  • Public School District
  • Non-Public School
  • Educational Service Center
  • Community School,
  • Joint Vocational School District
  • Career Technical Planning District
  • Ohio School for the Deaf
  • Ohio School for the Blind
  • Department of Youth Services Schools
  • Ohio Central School System County Boards of Developmental Disabilities
  • Superintendent
  • Superintendent Designee
  • Credential eSigner
  • College or University (IHE)
  • Dean
  • Dean Designee–College of Education
  • Local Professional Development Committee
  • Coordinator-LPDC
  • Coordinator Designee-LPDC