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4/28/14 - Funding reimbursement requests due June 30

The process to request $350 funding for each first-year resident educator working in a public district, chartered community school, educational service center, career center or joint vocational school is open in the state’s CORE system. The deadline to submit a resident educator program funding request is June 30.


4/28/14 - Plan now for end-of-year resident educator formative progress reviews

Resident educators complete a Formative Progress Review each year of the program until they begin the RESA. The review varies each year, based on the specific activities outlined for each time period. Inside you will find links to assist resident educators, mentors and program coordinators in understanding and completing the reviews.


4/28/14 - Program coordinator Spring Network Meetings are coming up soon

Program coordinators can choose from one of two upcoming day-long meetings for an opportunity to learn from the Ohio Department of Education staff and other coordinators about implementing the program. The department will host one meeting on Wednesday, May 7 at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center in Mansfield and another on Wednesday, May 14 in Dublin at the Online Computer Library Center.


4/28/14 - Resident educators taking the RESA must submit remaining tasks by June 1

The June 1 RESA deadline is quickly approaching, so please encourage RESA candidates to work on finalizing their task submissions. Many candidates have either not started remaining tasks or are still in process of submitting them.


Know! Your Family History and Share it

Most families are well aware and proud to point out the talents and passions that have been passed on from generation to generation (athletic ability, musical gifts, artistic skills, etc.). Most are also well aware of specific health issues that run in the family (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.), and many are conscientious to not only share such information with their children, but to encourage by example, healthy behavioral choices to avoid them.

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