Educator License Exams

As part of the licensing process, educators must pass licensure exams.


Effective September 3, 2013, Evaluation Systems group of Pearson became the provider of Ohio educator licensure assessments. Except for the ETS Praxis assessments listed below, Pearson assessments will be required for licensure.


  • Praxis II Audiology/ 5342
  • Praxis II School Speech/ 5531 which replaces 0330/5330
  • Praxis II School Psychologist / 5402 which replaces 0401. NOTE: Examinees may choose from Praxis II School Psychology test or OAE School Psychologist/ 042.

Test Series

The new Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) are provided by the Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson, and measure professional, pedagogical and subject-specific knowledge and skills.

The Praxis SeriesTM  is provided by Educational Testing Service and includes Praxis II, which measures professional, pedagogical and subject-specific knowledge and skills. 

The ACTFL/LTI examinations provide a system of assessing and ensuring the spoken and written language proficiency of candidates for licensure to teach world languages.

Test Requirements by Ohio Licensure Area

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