Options for Alignment of Educator Licenses

Ohio educators who have multiple license types now have flexibility regarding the alignment of license validity periods.

Since the implementation of licensure, a “one-license approach” has been utilized and multiple license types have been combined on one professional license spanning the same time period.

Options for existing multiple-license holders

Now, educators will be able to maintain separate license types, if that suits their professional goals and objectives, each with its own July 1 effective date and June 30 ending date. As a certificate expires and is ready to be transitioned to a license, it may either be issued as a separate five-year professional license with an effective date reflective of the current year, or it may be added to a currently existing five-year professional license the educator holds, and backdated to take on the validity period of that existing license.

New licenses issued separately

When an educator meets requirements for provisional or professional licensure in an additional area through completion of an approved licensure program or pathway, or qualifies to advance from a provisional to a professional license, the new license will be issued as a separate license with a current effective year and will not be backdated to join an existing license.

License renewal

The requirements for license renewal remain unchanged, regardless of whether licenses are issued separately or together. Educators who are employed in the schools of Ohio will continue to work through their Local Professional Development Committees, have an individual professional development plan (IPDP) in place prior to completion of professional development work, and the work will need to have been completed since the issuance of the certificate or license to be renewed/transitioned.

Whether licenses are issued together or separately, educators should continue to work with their LPDCs to ensure that IPDPs are properly maintained. 

Last Modified: 4/28/2013 7:27:06 AM