Alternative Resident Educator License for World Languages (grades P-12)


  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education;
  2. 24 semester (36 quarter) hours in the world language to be taught with a 2.5 GPA or higher consisting of coursework well distributed across the subject area, showing increasing depth and complexity and with sufficient advanced coursework in the subject area. Extensive work experience directly related to the area to be taught may also be considered by the Ohio Credential Review Board;
  3. Successful completion of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) with a rating of Intermediate-High or higher.  Information and registration: (ACTFL/LTI);
  4. Successful completion of a state approved Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute
    • Transcript evaluation, coursework, background checks and testing requirements must be completed prior to registering for the Intensive Pedagogical Institute (IPTI).

Upon successful completion of all requirements, an Alternative Resident Educator License Statement of Eligibility will be issued and may be used to seek employment as a teacher in the schools of Ohio.

Note: In the second year of teaching under the alternative resident educator license, the educator must take OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK-12) 004

Requirements for a Professional Educator License

  • Completion of four years of successful teaching experience under the alternative resident educator license as verified by the employing superintendent;
  • Successful completion of the four year Ohio Resident Educator Program;
  • Successful completion of an additional 12 semester (18 quarter) hours of professional education coursework, from a college or university approved to prepare teachers, in the principles and practices of teaching, student development and learning, pupil assessment procedures, curriculum development, classroom management and teaching methodology;
  • Successful completion of the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK-12) 004

Ohio Administrative Code

Apply Online

Using the My Educator Profile tool, educators can update their demographic data and pay licensure fees online using a credit card, too.

Access My Educator Profile by signing into SAFE.

Note: If your application requires an e-signature of a superintendent, Local Professional Development Committee or college education dean, that individual must be an e-signer before you can submit your application online.

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