Alternative Superintendent License

Initial Requirements for a Two-Year License

  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution;
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Five or more years of documented successful work experience in teaching, administration, education or management;
  • Position appropriate to the license and board resolution of appointment to the position.

Requirements in Year One and Year Two 

  • Assignment of a mentor;
  • Complete the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium self-assessment;
  • Development of a personal learning plan based on the ISLLC self-assessment;
  • Participation in a structured mentoring program consisting of 70 clock hours during the initial two-year license;
  • Completion of minimum of 9 semester hours from an accredited university or 135 clock hours of professional development based on the personal learning plan during the initial two-year license.


The employing school district shall require the administrator to develop a plan that outlines observation of classroom instruction across grade levels and subject areas within the school district.

Requirements in Year Three and Year Four

  • Continued progress towards meeting the requirements for a Professional Superintendent License.

Requirements for a Professional Superintendent License

  • Four years of successful experience under the alternative superintendent license;
  • Completion of an additional 6 semester hours or 90 clock hours of professional development based on the personal learning plan during the second two-year license;
  • Participation in a structured mentoring program;
  • Successful completion of the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Educational Leadership Exam (#015)

Apply Online

Using the CORE licensure system tool, educators can update their demographic data and pay licensure fees online using a credit card.

Access the CORE licensure system by signing into SAFE.

Note: If your application requires an e-signature of a superintendent, Local Professional Development Committee or college education dean, that individual must be an e-signer before you can submit your application online.

Find e-signers.


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