About the Educator Standards Board


The Educator Standards Board collaboratively promotes educator quality, professionalism, and public accountability on behalf of the students and citizens of Ohio. 


Student learning driven by quality educator development.

Board Committees

Board Members

The State Board is required to appoint ten teachers from public schools, one teacher from a chartered nonpublic school, five school administrators, one school board member, one parent representative and three representatives from higher education to the new board.

The nominations for the Educator Standards Board came from teachers’ Unions, Higher Education, and educational associations that represent teachers, administrators, parents and school board members. Membership on this board is voluntary. 

Board Members

  • Kelly Bell, teacher, secondary school, Knox County Career Center
  • Crystal Bossard, program chair, Early Childhood Learning, Cincinnati State Tech & Community College
  • Michael Brand, principal, high school, Van Buren High School
  • Jeffrey Brown, Buckeye Association of School Administrators
  • Karen Carney, teacher, elementary school, Campbell Elementary School
  • Jeanne M. Cerniglia, teacher, middle school, Southeast Local Schools
  • Jeffrey Cooney, teacher secondary school, Oregon City Schools
  • Jennifer Denny, elementary school principal, New Albany Elementary
  • Joseph L. Fultz, Jr., teacher, elementary school, Dayton Public Schools
  • Kathy Goins, OSBA, Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center
  • Robert Klein, Associate Professor, Ohio University
  • Cynthia Lombardo, charter, Catholic Conference of Ohio
  • Karie McCrate, high school principal, Dover City Schools
  • Debra McDonald, pre-kindergarten teacher, Wayne County Schools Career Center
  • Dustin Miller, Middle School Principal, Dublin City Schools
  • Sandra Orth, teacher elementary school, Toledo Public Schools
  • Stephen Osborne, Treasure, Dublin City Schools
  • Amy Poole, elementary school teacher, Hickory Ridge Elementary School  
  • Venezuela Robinson, HWS Director, Ohio Parent Teacher Association
  • Danielle Russo, middle school teacher, Memorial Middle School
  • James Wagner, middle school teacher, Local professional Development Comittee, Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Ted Zigler, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education, Ohio Dominican University

Sandra Orth, teacher elementary school, Toledo Public Schools, is the current Chair of the ESB. Jeffrey Cooney, teacher, secondary school, Oregon City Schools, is the current Vice-Chair. Carolyn Everidge-Frey, carolyn.everidge-frey@education.ohio.gov, serves as Director.

The Educator Standards Board has developed state standards for teachers and principals at all stages of their careers, Superintendents and School Treasurers and Business Managers; formulated standards for educator professional development; created a career lattice; defined Master Teacher; created the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators (LCPCDE),  and will be monitoring implementation of the created standards, and recommending policies to close achievement gaps among groups of students


Board Responsibilities 

The Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success recommended that to reach a higher level of performance, we need to set standards for teachers and principals.

The Educator Standards Board has fulfilled this goal by developing educator standards and professional development standards.

Recently HB1 added new responsibilities to the Educator Standards Board.


Educator Standards

There will be a direct link between the academic content standards for students and the standards for educators.

The educator standards also take into account cultural competency, mental health issues, closing achievement gaps, as well as the education of gifted students.

The State Board has adopted the standards and elements for teachers, principals, Superintendents and School Treasurers and Business Managers developed by the ESB and its writing teams.  

As these standards are implemented, they will inform daily practice, become the driver for education programs and ongoing professional development, as well as informing local district evaluation and assessment of educators.

Professional Development Standards

The Educator Standards Board was also charged with developing standards for the professional development of teachers and principals. These standards have also been adopted by the State Board, and will define and guide high quality professional development for educators.


ESB Meetings

ESB Stakeholders


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