Ohio Department of Education Topic News

How to address the Educator Standards Board


Interested parties wishing to address the Educator Standards Board (ESB) may do so in one of two ways.

  • Those who wish to secure a place on the agenda must submit the completed Request to Address the Educator Standards Board form  Included with the submission must be a copy of any materials to be distributed to the ESB. The form and materials must be received by the Director at least one week prior to the date of the ESB meeting in order to secure a place on the agenda.


  • On the day of the ESB meeting, interested parties may address the ESB during Public Comment by placing their name(s) on the Public Comment sign-up sheet located at the entrance to the ESB meeting. Speaking order will be determined by order of sign-up with no more than two minutes per speaker allotted and no more than thirty minutes total. It is not guaranteed that every person signing up will be assured of speaking.