For Licensure E-signers

The process for submitting and reviewing teacher licensure applications is a paperless system. Authorized electronic signers (e-signers) from schools, districts, local professional development committees and higher education organizations must review and approve or decline application requests online. Before becoming an e-signer, authorized personnel must have one of the roles below assigned to them.

E-Signer Roles

  1. Superintendent
  2. Superintendent designee
  3. Credential e-signer
  4. Dean
  5. Dean designee – College of Education
  6. Coordinator-LPDC (Local Professional Development Committee)*
  7. Coordinator designee-LPDC*

The first four roles above are assigned by the local organization’s Ohio Educational Directory System – Redesign (OEDS-R) administrator. If you do not have an OEDS-R administrator, contact the Ohio Department of Education custodian identified here.

*Important information about local professional development committee (LPDC) registration and role assignment

If the committee has not already done so, they should follow the online instructions to properly register their LPDC as a unique organization with its own IRN. During the set-up process, the names of those serving in the coordinator – LPDC and coordinator-designee – LPDC roles must be designated within CORE. It is recommended that the coordinator and coordinator-designees follow the steps to become e-signers for five-year professional license renewals.

It is the LPDC’s responsibility to maintain and update the LPDC roles when necessary. A district OEDS-R administrator cannot change the coordinator or designee roles. This is done through CORE, using the SAFE account of the active LPDC coordinator or LPDC designee. The change needs to be completed prior to an LPDC coordinator or LPDC designee leaving the district.

Enrolling as an e-signer

Signers who already have a SAFE account and their current role and email address assigned can complete the e-signer registration process in a few short steps:

  • Sign into SAFE
  • Select ODE CORE;
  • Select CORE licensure system;
  • Select My Approvals; and
  • Click on Enroll me.

An e-signer will receive an email when an educator submits an online application requiring a signature. The signer will review his or her inbox through the My Approvals section of CORE licensure system and either electronically “sign” (approve) or decline the application.


Last Modified: 5/17/2016 5:29:23 PM