Licensure Document Resources

Different types of licensure applications require various supporting documents to establish license eligibility.

The PDF forms below may be used to support your request for a specific license.  They can be completed and then uploaded with your online licensure application request if they are needed.

Please Note...

  • A CTE-37 form is required only when applying for a career-technical workforce development license.

  • An ACTFL rating is only required when applying for licensure to teach world languages.

  • An Educators Leaving an LPDC form is required only if you are NOT currently employed in the schools of Ohio and are renewing a five year professional license and had professional development credit approved for you by a Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) while you were employed as an Ohio educator.

  • When renewing a five year professional license, an official transcript is not required if your application will be approved by your Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). 




Last Modified: 5/13/2016 1:22:19 PM