Administrator Licenses

How to apply for an administrator license

A candidate for a license described on this page will create a license request in the CORE licensure system section of the ODE.CORE system through his or her individual SAFE account. Start a new application through the My Applications section; renew a credential through the My Credentials section. While submitting this application, a candidate who completed an approved licensure program in another state should click here for supporting documents required by these applications.

License options

Professional Administrator License – 5 Year

A candidate for a new superintendent, principal or administrative specialist license who has completed an approved licensure program is to submit a new application request for the professional administrator license.

School Treasurer and School Business Manager Licenses – 5 Year

Traditional pathway

An educator who is interested in applying for a professional administrator license must meet the qualifications outlined in Ohio administrative rule:

  • Earn a master’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Complete an approved preparation program.
  • Receive a recommendation from the dean or head of teacher education at the institution where he or she completed the preparation program.
  • Complete the Ohio Assessment for Educators licensure exam #015, Educational Leadership, prescribed by the State Board of Education.
  • A principal must have two years of successful teaching experience with students of the ages and grade levels for which the principal license is sought.
  • A superintendent must have three years of successful experience in a position requiring a principal or administrative specialist license.

Alternative pathway

Qualified candidates may choose to pursue a nontraditional pathway toward a career in education. Find out more at the following links:

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