Adult Education Permit

The Department issues one-year and four-year adult education permits under Ohio law1 to applicants who meet qualifications and have been hired to serve in Ohio schools and school districts. The employing school or district must initiate and sign all applications for adult education permits. Please note that under Ohio law2 educators may work in any Ohio school district under their valid adult education permit (they are no longer limited to working only in the district that approves their application for the permit).

Aspire Programs (Formerly ABLE Programs)

Candidates who do not have valid Ohio teaching certificates or licenses and are hired by a school or district to teach adults in the Aspire program (formerly known as the Adult Basic Literacy Education or ABLE program) must have active adult education permits. Aspire teachers who already possess valid Ohio teaching certificates or licenses do not need to obtain one-year adult education teaching permits. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.  

An educator without a bachelor’s degree may continue to obtain an adult education teaching permit for Aspire only if he or she held a permit during fiscal year 2003 and continued to apply for permit renewal uninterrupted in subsequent years.

Teaching Field Codes - for Aspire

Candidates applying for an adult education permit to teach in the Aspire program will choose from the teaching fields below in the online application:

  • General Science (130100)
  • Mathematics (110000)
  • Social Studies (150002)
  • Speech/Communication (050504)

Adult Workforce Education Programs

Candidates who do not have valid Ohio teaching certificates or licenses and are hired by a school or district to teach adults in adult workforce education programs must have active adult education permits. 

Teaching Field Codes - for Adult Workforce Education programs

Candidates applying for an adult education teaching permit for an adult workforce education program will choose from the teaching field code(s) below in the online application:

  • Agriculture (010000)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (070907)
  • Family & Consumer Science (090000)
  • Firefighter Training (172801)
  • Health Occupations (070000)
  • Industrial & Engineering Technologies (170000)
  • Marketing Education (040000)
  • Office Operation (140000)
  • Personal Living (091064)

additional requirements for emts & firefighters

EMT/Firefighter certification – Candidates must provide verification of their active Ohio EMS certification(s) and instructor card(s) with the online application for the adult education permit.

EMT requires:

  • An active Ohio EMS certification for EMT, AEMT or Paramedic, AND
  • An active Ohio EMS Instructor card (Assistant EMS Instructor and CE Instructor are not eligible).

Firefighter Training requires:

  • An active Ohio EMS certification for Firefighter I or II, AND
  • An active Ohio EMS Fire Instructor card (Assistant Firefighter Instructor and Fire Safety Instructor are not eligible). The Live Fire Instructor card is eligible only if the candidate also holds an active Ohio EMS Fire Instructor card.

Substitute Teaching

Under Ohio law2 educators who hold an active adult education permit may also substitute teach in grades 9-12 in the same subject area as the adult education permit they hold. Adult education permit holders may also substitute teach for up to one semester in another CTWD field, at the request of their employing school or district.

Preliminary Steps - First-time and Renewal of Permits

  • STEP 1: Contact a school or district. Please DO NOT apply for this permit (new or renewal) through the Department’s online system until you have completed the following; otherwise, your application may be declined. You must:
    • Complete the employment process at the Ohio school or district where you are interested in serving as an adult education instructor; AND
    • Notify the employing organization and request the employer's IRN to use in the online application; the organization's e-signer must approve your license application.​
  • STEP 2: Complete your background checks. You must have current background checks on file with the Department. Please see the Background Check FAQs webpage for more information.
  • STEP 3: Prepare your transcripts. If you are applying for a NEW adult education permit to teach in the Aspire program, you will need to submit your official transcript (no photocopies) reflecting your degree conferred (minimum of a bachelor's degree is required). Please be prepared to scan and upload your original, official transcript in PDF format to your OH|ID account. Please note that the Department does not accept grade reports, photos or photocopies of transcripts or unofficial transcripts. Please see the following requirements before uploading transcripts. You may also view a short video tutorial on how to scan and upload transcripts.
    • Confer date of bachelor's degree must be visible.
    • Include all pages of transcript (front and back).
    • Registrar's signature and transcript key or guide must be visible.
    • Create one PDF file per transcript (do not upload pages separately).
    • Upload transcripts from multiple universities separately (each university transcript must be one PDF file). 
    • Electronic transcripts may only be sent directly from the issuing college or university to
    • Do not submit transcripts that will expire or are password protected or locked.
    • Please note that you may view previously submitted documents in your OH|ID account under the My Documents section of your CORE Dashboard. 
    • If you would prefer to mail your original, official transcripts, please use the following address: 

      Ohio Department of Education
      Office of Educator Licensure
      25 S. Front Street
      Mail Stop 504
      Columbus, OH 43215

    • Did you complete your degree outside the United States? If you completed college coursework outside the United States, you must submit a course-by-course analysis from an approved international credential evaluation service
    • Please view the Department's transcript video tutorial and tips & tricks for more information. 
  • STEP 4: ​Complete and submit your online application. 
Application Instructions
  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application for Adult Education Instructors from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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1OAC 3301-24-05
2ORC 3319.2211


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