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EMIS Newsflash – August 1, 2016

SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes
Data Review and Appeal Windows Open for FY16 Student and Assessment Data


EMIS Newsflash – July 29, 2016

SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes


Know! E-Cigs, Vape Pens and Throat Hits

You have more than likely talked countless times with your child about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, and the importance of steering clear of them – and that’s great because teens seem to be getting it. But while teen smoking has steadily declined, teen vaping has become all the rage.


EMIS Newsflash – July 28, 2016

EMIS deadlines for 2015-2016 data extended to Aug. 1


July 2016 Early Learning Newsletter

A new edition of the Early Learning Program Updates, posted here, provides important information for data managers, program & school leaders, test coordinators, special education, preschool and kindergarten teachers. 


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