Assessments for Currently Licensed Teachers (as of September 1, 2015)

Certain currently licensed Ohio teachers will be required to take a test in the content areas they instruct beginning in school year 2015-2016. These tests will be either the Ohio Assessments for Educators or the American Council on Teaching Foreign Language's world language examinations (Language Tests International).

The new requirement for these teachers is part of a state law aimed at ensuring high-quality instruction in Ohio schools. 

Which currently licensed teachers will need to take a test?

Teachers of prekindergarten through grade 12 who will be required to take, or retake, an assessment are those who are teaching in a core subject area, including reading, mathematics, science, government, economics, history, geography, English language arts, foreign language and fine arts (music, visual arts, dance, drama/theater) and: 

  1. Are teachers who are teaching at any city, exempted village, local or joint vocational school who have received ratings of ineffective on their teacher evaluations for two of the three most recent school years; or 
  2. Are assigned to a community school ranked in the lowest 10 percent of all public school buildings (except for those schools indicated here) according to Performance Index scores. The ranking of schools is temporarily suspended due to Safe Harbor provisions.

How will payment for the tests be handled?

According to state law, teachers taking these tests are not to be held responsible for the cost of such tests.

  • In schools where teachers will be taking the Ohio Assessments for Educators, schools and districts will purchase vouchers for their teachers from Pearson, the test vendor. Teachers will use the vouchers for test fees during registration.
  • Language Tests International handles payment online during registration. Each district should decide how to handle payment or reimbursements for world language tests.

How may a teacher qualify for accommodations?

  • All determinations for extra time or special needs are determined by the test providers.
  • For Pearson test accommodations see the Pearson website.
  • For ACTFL test accommodations policy see the ACTFL website.

How to prepare and find out more


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