Alternative Resident Educator Licenses

The alternative licensure pathway:

  • Helps to expand the pool of high-quality teachers.
  • Makes it easier for Ohio schools to hire and retain nontraditional candidates who wish to transition to careers as classroom teachers.
  • Helps school districts to address staffing needs in teacher shortage areas.

The alternative resident educator license is an accelerated pathway to classroom teaching, allowing students, schools and communities to benefit from the candidates' content-related expertise, life experience and successful career experience.  Ohio students can benefit from the rich knowledge base and successful career and life experiences of content experts in a variety of teaching fields.  As Ohio focuses on assuring a high-quality teacher in every classroom, it is important that a wide range of professionals are invited to bring their talents and expertise into our schools.

Available Alternative Licenses

Review the list of alternative resident educator license types and teaching field codes available here.

Alternative licenses are available in the following areas:

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