Career-Technical Workforce Development Supplemental Teaching License

A supplemental license for teaching in a career-technical workforce development program may be issued at the request of an employing Ohio superintendent to the holder of a standard license.

Note: Once an individual has been issued a supplemental teaching license for a particular licensure area or teaching field, it will be necessary to complete the supplemental licensure program or the equivalent and be issued a standard teaching license in that area, prior to requesting a supplemental teaching license in another area.

Review the complete list of supplemental license types and teaching field codes available here.

Initial Requirements

  • Five years of fulltime work experience or the equivalent in the career field;
  • 3 semester hours of an approved pre-service career-technical program from a college or university that is approved to prepare career-technical workforce development teachers.

The employing school district shall assign a teacher with teaching experience and licensure in the area in which the supplemental teaching license is requested to serve as a mentor to the supplemental teaching license holder.

  • CTE-37
    • The superintendent and the university official where the applicant is completing the approved career-technical licensure program must sign the CTE-37 application.

First and Second Renewal Requirements

  •  A currently valid standard Ohio teaching certificate or license
  •  CTE-37 form signed by the superintendent and the university official to verify continuing progress in completing career-technical licensure program requirements

Eligibility for a Professional License

  • Completion of an approved program of preparation from a college or university that is approved to prepare career-technical workforce development teachers

How Do I Complete My Online Application?

  • Access your SAFE account.
  • Click on ODE.CORE.
  • From your Dashboard, select the appropriate action (Renew/My Credentials or Apply/New Application).
  • Complete the three steps of the application, and submit payment.

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