Supplemental Teaching License for Endorsement Areas

The supplemental teaching license allows educators who hold a currently, valid standard Ohio teaching certificate or license to teach in a supplemental area, at the request of an employing Ohio school district, while they are in the process of obtaining standard licensure for that area.

Note: Once an educator has been issued a supplemental teaching license for a particular licensure area or teaching field, the educator must complete the supplemental licensure program or the equivalent and be issued a standard teaching license in that area, prior to requesting a supplemental teaching license in another area.

Review the list of supplemental license types and teaching field codes available here.

Initial Requirements

  • A currently valid, standard Ohio teaching certificate or license;
  • Successful completion of the content assessment for the licensure area;
  • Employment in a teaching position requiring the supplemental licensure area in an Ohio school.

The employing school district shall assign a mentor to the individual holding a supplemental teaching license. The assigned mentor shall be an experienced teacher who currently holds a license in the same content area as the supplemental license.

Requirements for Renewal

  • A currently valid, standard Ohio teaching certificate or license; and
  • Employment in a teaching position requiring the supplemental licensure area in an Ohio school.

Educators may renew their one-year supplemental teaching license two times to allow completion of supplemental licensure program requirements.

Eligibility for the Endorsement to be added to the Standard License

Educators may choose ONE of the supplemental program options below. All eligibility requirements must be met before applying for the standard license.


  • Completion of an approved program of preparation and submission of an application through the college/university where the program was completed.
    • See list of accredited institutions with approved preparation programs in Ohio here.


It is recommended that educators who choose to complete Option B request an evaluation by the Ohio Department of Education after they have been issued the initial supplemental license to determine what additional requirements must be completed for progression to the standard license. Click here for the supplemental evaluation application.

  • Verification from the employing school or school district that the supplemental license holder has taught successfully in the licensure area for a minimum of two years. Educators must submit a letter, on district letterhead, signed by the superintendent of schools or the human resource director verifying dates of full-time employment, assignments and grade levels for each year of employment under the supplemental license.

Application Instructions

  • Access your OH|ID account.
  • Click Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard.
  • See the CORE User Manual for complete instructions.

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