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Licensure rule changes provide certain educators and their employers with more flexibility


The State Board of Education has approved several Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule changes that now affect educators seeking supplemental, short-term substitute and alternative resident educator licenses. Another rule change will assist educators who have worked at schools out of state when they wish to renew their Ohio professional educator licenses.  

  • Supplemental license course requirement removed. This one-year license allows an educator with a currently valid standard teaching certificate or license to teach in a supplemental area. A qualified individual is no longer required to complete coursework in the content area of the supplemental license he or she is seeking. The educator, however, must successfully complete the required content exam for the licensure area to obtain an initial supplemental license at the employing Ohio school district’s request. Be aware of the requirements to renew a supplemental license and seek standard licensure in the supplemental area. OAC 3301-24-14  
  • “Short-term” definition for substitute licenses expanded. Individuals who hold short-term substitute teaching licenses now may teach for 60 (school) days during the current school year. Ohio schools and districts must employ an individual with a long-term substitute license for periods longer than 60 (school) days. OAC 3301-23-44  
  • Out-of-state teachers can renew their Ohio professional licenses more easily. A change in the professional development rules will help an educator who previously held, or currently holds, an Ohio professional license but has been teaching outside Ohio under a standard teaching license in that state. Such an educator may fulfill the professional development requirement for renewing an Ohio license with continuing education units completed since the issue date of the out-of-state license. The rules now allow renewal of a current or expired professional Ohio license with professional development completed to keep the out-of-state license current, if the continuing education relates to classroom teaching or the licensure area. OAC 3301-24-06  
  • Alternative resident educator license reflects Senate Bill 3. The rules now reflect changes made in state law through Senate Bill 3, effective March 2017 by first removing the content area coursework requirements for the initial alternative resident educator license. Additionally, those pursuing the alternative career-technical workforce development license must complete a university-approved performance-based assessment rather than the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). OAC 3301-24-19 and 3301-24-22  
  • Pupil activity permit requirements updated. In accordance with Ohio Senate Bill 252 (Lindsay’s Law), the rules now reflect the annual sudden cardiac arrest training requirement for pupil activity permit holders. Additional amendments include clarification of who is required to hold a pupil activity permit. OAC 3301-27-01  
  • Twelve-hour and 40-hour temporary teaching permit qualifications reflect state law changes. Individuals who have at least a bachelor’s degree or significant work experience in the subject area they will teach now qualify for a 12-hour or 40-hour temporary teaching permit. OAC 3301-23-41