Ohio Department of Education Topic News

Note upcoming educator evaluation deadlines


To stay on track with the legal requirements related to educator evaluation systems, superintendents and principals should keep abreast of the upcoming schedule for completing various steps of the process, including those that must be documented soon in the electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES).

April – This month, principals should complete observations of their teachers and be ready to enter student growth measure data for teachers into eTPES. Superintendents or their designees already should have entered the default percentages for the district student growth measures. With student learning objective scoring templates from their teachers in hand, the principal is to enter the vendor assessment and local measure ratings into eTPES. The principal must then verify the student growth measures for each teacher.

May – By May 1, principals are to complete teacher evaluations and begin entering data into eTPES. Once these are entered, teachers can read and acknowledge their evaluations in this secure system. By May 10, principals must provide a written report to each teacher with his or her evaluation results. This report may be the final summative rating page from eTPES or another format as determined by the district.

June – Before June 1, superintendents must notify administrators of renewal or nonrenewal of their employment contracts. On June 15, eTPES will close for the 2013-2014 school year. Administrators or teachers who wish to print copies of evaluations and reports from the system must do so before this date.