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Ohio Resident Educator Program Induction Survey Results 2011-2012


This presentation provides the data reported from the New Teacher Center survey given to Resident Educators, mentors, principals, and program coordinators in spring 2012.

A simple, rapid and adaptable assessment for use by induction programs.

  • Completed online, the Induction Survey provides data from beginning teachers, mentors, site administrators and program leaders to questions, both scaled and open-ended, about new teacher support.
  • The Induction Survey addresses Counting, Retention, Program Quality, Practice and Student Learning metrics.
  • In 2011-12 the survey was administered to 24 programs representing 15 states and the Republic of Singapore.

Administered to ODE in Spring 2012

  • Resident Educators (REs) – 1,892 completed the survey
  • Mentors – 1,687 completed the survey
  • Principals – 279 completed the survey
  • Program Coordinators – 266 completed the survey
  • Overall – 4,124 participants completed the survey