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Superintendents may access Principal Value-Added Composite Reports


The electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES) now displays principal composites as the default scores. Superintendents can access individualized Principal Value-Added Composite Reports through their SAFE accounts to help confirm the accuracy of those principal composite scores and complete principal and assistant principal evaluations this year. The reports include composite scores based on value-added measures from the one or more buildings where the principals and assistant principals served in these roles during the 2015-2016 school year.
Superintendents also will find the Principal Composite Business Rules and additional resources for guidance as they review and select appropriate value-added scores. They should select for each principal and assistant principal the value-added score option that most closely reflects that administrator’s employment in 2015-2016, the most recent year for which value-added scores are available. 
To access composite reports, log in to SAFE and click on the Forms application. Once in Forms, click on ODE Document Exchange from the menu. Then, click the Details icon for your school district on the right. Select the Uploaded Documents tab to find your district report.
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