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Taking the Resident Educator Summative Assessment this year?


When third-year teachers take the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) this year, they will show evidence of the experience and knowledge they have gained through their first two years in Ohio’s Resident Educator program.

This year’s RESA candidates can begin preparing during the next two months by reviewing and engaging in best practices related to assessing student learning, instructional planning, self-assessment, observation and goal-setting. These activities are described here on the Year 3 timeline and the Year 2 Formative Progress Review Template.

In mid-September, RESA candidates for this year will receive an overview of further steps they can take to get prepared. In October, an executive summary of the RESA handbook will be available. Resident educators will receive a link to the full handbook in time to register for their accounts and begin their first task in November.

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