#OhioLovesTeachers — Share Stories about the Great Educators in Your Life

Wow creator. Inspiration producer. Difference maker. Miracle worker. Teacher

Ohio’s teachers make a deep and profound impact on the lives of their students forming the foundation for a lifetime of learning and exploring. It’s time to celebrate the individuals and teams who create, motivate and inspire.

The #OhioLovesTeachers campaign on Twitter and Instagram brings our educators to center stage and shines a spotlight on their work and the meaningful ways they are changing lives.

We want to hear from everyone — school and district leaders, parents, family members, fellow teachers, community members and, of course, students! To participate, simply share a picture with your story using #OhioLovesTeachers and tag @OHEducation. Many of these images and stories will be selected and reshared with our statewide social media network of followers.

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Write a message in the blank area, take a photo with a teacher who inspires and challenges you and post the photo on Twitter and Instagram using #OhioLoveTeachers!

Teacher valentines

Print off these Valentines to show your teachers that you, and Ohio, truly do love them.

Be sure to include the teacher’s or group of teachers’ names, district and school name, subjects taught and any social media handles. Share the reason this teacher or group of teachers is an example of why #OhioLovesTeachers. You can include these items in your posts:

  • Photos and videos from the classroom;
  • Video testimonials;
  • Links to district write-ups (blogs, announcements, newsletters, etc.);
  • News articles from your local media; and
  • Anything else that helps tell their story.

#OhioLovesTeachers is the perfect opportunity to recognize educators whose passion for teaching has no limits. Ohio has a lot to love about its teachers. We are excited to share your stories about our state’s incredible educators!

Please use social media appropriately and never post students’ names or photos of students without parental consent.

Last Modified: 2/4/2020 3:28:18 PM