Rapback Service

The Ohio Department of Education provides notifications about criminal arrests or convictions of licensed educators and pupil transportation drivers to the school districts where they are employed. The information comes from the Rapback Service of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI). The bureau alerts the department about arrests or convictions of state-licensed educators by contacting the Office of Professional Conduct. If the matters pertain to state-licensed pupil transportation drivers, the Rapback system notifies the department’s Office of Pupil Transportation. 

How records become part of the Rapback Service

Ohio educators and school bus drivers submit fingerprints through the BCI background check process as a condition of their initial employment. During BCI background checks, the bureau compares applicant fingerprints against a database of criminal fingerprints to determine if there are matches.  

After the department approves educator license applications, the Office of Professional Conduct enrolls the newly licensed educators into the Rapback Service. The Office of Pupil Transportation enrolls employed school bus drivers once their school districts enter their names into the department’s School Foundation Payment System. BCI regularly compares fingerprints in Rapback with those associated with new arrests and convictions to identify any subsequent matches. 

New method for alerting districts of licensed educator arrests or convictions is now live 

With the Office of Professional Conduct’s new online system in CORE, superintendents, treasurers and Rapback authorized representatives will receive email messages whenever the department receives Rapback notifications pertaining to licensed educators in their districts. The messages will instruct these users to log into CORE through their SAFE accounts to obtain more details. To access the Rapback Communications link, see the Important Links heading on the CORE dashboard. 

While logged into the secure environment in CORE, authorized district users may send questions or comments to the Office of Professional Conduct. They also will complete online two requirements for viewing rap sheets with further information about arrests and/or convictions. These include completing a terms of use agreement (which will be valid for one year) and submitting employment verification for the licensed educator(s) named in the Rapback notification. 

Special note about the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS)

To ensure the appropriate district personnel receive Rapback communication promptly, districts must keep the users’ information current, including their role assignments in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) and their email addresses in SAFE. The department will automatically send email messages to those the district assigns the superintendent, treasurer and Rapback authorized representative role(s). One or more staff members may assist with Rapback administrative functions in this latter role.

For help with OEDS, please contact oedsr.support@education.ohio.gov. The new authorized representatives will need to use their individual SAFE accounts; if they have never created them before, they can do so here. To log into an existing account or for SAFE sign-in help, visit the SAFE portal.

How to obtain pupil transportation driver rap sheets 

The Office of Pupil Transportation will notify districts by secured email when it receives a Rapback notification regarding a state-licensed pupil transportation driver. The district then needs to complete two steps before receiving rap sheets with more information: 

  • Terms of Use Agreement –  When a district signs and submits a terms of use document, the department will keep it on file. The district need not complete another agreement to receive a rap sheet during the one-year period following the agreement's effective date. 
  • Employment Verification – Each time a district receives a Rapback notification, authorized representatives additionally must verify the employment or application of the pupil transportation driver in the district to obtain the rap sheet for that individual.  

Upon receipt of the terms of use agreement and employment verification, the Office of Pupil Transportation will send the rap sheet relating to the pupil transportation driver to designated district personnel through a secured email. 



Last Modified: 4/14/2021 4:15:55 PM