Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs) are expected to align their work to the Ohio Professional Development Standards, including the use of standards-based criteria to evaluate Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs).

Because some forms used by LPDCs may not provide the information necessary to assess the plans against the PD Standards, several of the “standard” LPDC documents have been revised and may be used by LPDCs as necessary.

The forms are available in Word format, so committees may elect to use all or part of the documents, adapting them to their local needs. Click on the preferred format following the titles below to view/download the documents.

  • LPDC Step-by-Step - This graphic illustrates how the work of the LPDCs aligns with the School Improvement model and Plan-Do-Study-Act. It also shows how individual educators need to consider the new and improved IPDP a process rather than merely a plan.
  • NEW Consistently High Performing Teachers
  • Verification Form for Educators Exiting the LPDC - should provide educators exiting their committee a completed version of this form
  • Recommended IPDP Template - District committees may use this Word document as is, or select portions most appropriate for their needs
  • Also included is a SAMPLE IPDP showing how an educator might complete the IPDP template
  • Revised 2015 Recommended PD Pre-Approval Template (Sample)- Many districts require pre-approval for all professional development (PD) experiences; others do not. This document will prove particularly useful as a method for verifying non-traditional PD endeavors, often called EOAs (Equivalent Other Activities)
  • Also included are two Sample Pre-Approval Templates, which illustrate how an educator can track alignment to the PD standards on specific activities.
  • Revised 2015 PD Summary (Sample) - This document is designed to help LPDCs track educators’ PD activities as they align to the revised Ohio Professional Development Standards.
  • Contact Hour Verification Form - In Ohio, only LPDCs can award CEUs. This form can be used by vendors and PD providers to document contact hours with participants.

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