Registration and Approved Signatures

LPDC Registration / E-Signer Enrollment

To improve the speed and efficiency of the Ohio educator licensure system, the Ohio Department of Education processes only online licensure requests.

If your LPDC does not have its own IRN, you must register your LPDC before proceeding. The online registration is available through your SAFE account (from your Dashboard).

  • This online system enables ESCs, school districts and schools to request new LPDC registrations, and to update LPDC address and staffing information. The LPDC data will update the ODE OEDS-R system and contribute to ODE's planned transition to more automated and efficient processing of educator licensure renewals.
  • Once the LPDC has been registered with an IRN it is not necessary to re-register each year. The date associated with the LPDC indicates the year it was registered. A change request is necessary when changing the LPDC coordinator or designees and when adding or removing schools/buildings to the LPDC.
  • It is the LPDC’s responsibility to maintain and update the LPDC roles when necessary. The OEDS administrator cannot change the coordinator or designee roles. This is done through CORE, using the SAFE Account of the active LPDC coordinator or LPDC designee. The change needs to be completed prior to an LPDC coordinator or LPDC designee leaving the district.

Helpful Hints

  1. All approved e-signers must have a SAFE account.
  2. SAFE Sign-in is a link on the top of our webpage
  3. Before you begin please:
    • Make sure the approved e-signers each have an Educator State ID, and their SAFE accounts contain a current phone number and email address; and
    • Download and review the CORE LPDC Public module User Manual for instructions on using the new system.
  4. After your registration is approved, you will receive an email confirmation which will include your LPDC IRN#.
  5. Use this LPDC IRN# on all LPDC-related renewal applications.
  6. In order for applicants to renew their licenses online, there must be at least one LPDC signer who is an active e-signer (i.e. who has completed the "Enroll Me" step). It is recommended that each LPDC has more than one active e-signer.
  7. To complete the "Enroll Me" step:
    • Sign into SAFE and click on ode.core to access your Dashboard page.
    • On your Dashboard, in the E-Signer box, click on "Enroll as E-Signer."
    • On the next screen, select the organization for your LPDC and then complete the "Enroll Me" step.
    • Once this is complete you are an e-signer, and your LPDC is registered for online applications.

Questions related to LPDC operations should be directed to the appropriate person on the Regional LPDC Support Team.

Last Modified: 10/5/2016 9:11:24 AM