Master Teacher

The current Master Teacher (MT) program aligns with the new licensure structure effective January 2011. Successful completion of the MT program will satisfy one of the requirements for an advanced license (available in 2011).  

The Master Teacher program allows teachers to demonstrate their practice based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. Now that it is a recognized path for an advanced-level educator license in Ohio, it provides even stronger motivation for teachers to complete the program.

To view a presentation about the Master Teacher Program, select the following document:

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Master Teacher Designation

Please note: For Master Teacher designation, the processes and procedures outlined below must be followed and the specified forms used.  [Form I is no longer required and has been deleted.]

Master Teacher Renewal

Please Provide Feedback

The Ohio Department of Education in conjunction with the Educators Standards Board now has available the renewal process for the Master Teacher Designation. As master teachers review and complete this process, please feel free to send feedback to ODE.  Feedback may be sent to Brinda Price at

To be eligible for the Master Teacher Renewal, educators must have obtained Master Teacher designation.

Renewal candidates may choose either Year Four or Year Five of their Master Teacher designation to complete the renewal process. If a Master Teacher successfully renews his/her designation during Year Four, his/her renewal status does not take effect until their current five-year designation expires.  ONLY teachers designated in either 2007 or 2008 can complete the renewal in the sixth year as well.

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