Student Growth Measures (including SLOs) in Teacher Evaluation

Student Growth Measures trainings scheduled for district and ESC leaders

ODE held thirty-four regionally located trainings around the state on the use of Student Growth Measures (including SLOs) in teacher evaluation. This training was designed as a train-the-trainer format and should be used to facilitate further training at the local level. It was free to all participants and focused on the following:

  • Overview of Ohio’s Student Growth Measure (SGM) model, including establishing default percentages for the three categories of SGMs
  • Introduction to Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • Identifying High-Quality SLOs
  • Process for Approving SLOs
  • Guidance on Assessments for Measuring SLOs
  • Establishing growth targets
  • Scoring the SLO

ODE will hold an additional twenty-four regional sessions from August through December 2013. Additionally, ESCs were trained to replicate these sessions and many are currently listed in STARS. Using the SAFE account, please check STARS for training dates and locations.

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