Resident Educator Program Update

Resident Educator Program Update

Please register resident educators early; registration begins Sept. 1


Program coordinators must register each resident educator in CORE each year he or she participates in the program. The Ohio Department of Education will post directions for registration on the CORE Reporting Requirements section of the website by Sept.1, the first day of the registration period that closes Nov. 15. 

So that first-time candidates for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) can gain access to the RESA system as early as possible, the department strongly encourages program coordinators to register eligible resident educators by Oct. 8. Within a week of that date, Teachscape will begin sending activation links for the RESA Submission System to these candidates. All resident educators eligible to take the RESA this year, in addition to all 2013-2014 candidates who took the RESA last year, must be registered in CORE by Nov. 15. See the next article for details on registering both this year’s and last year’s RESA candidates.

Note that for each resident educator who participated in a previous year of the program, the program coordinator must have entered end-of-year reporting criteria in CORE by June 30 for the resident educator to be eligible for the next year’s registration period. The end-of-year report confirms that the candidate completed the program year and maintained all eligibility requirements.