Credit for Prior Teaching Experience in the Resident Educator Program

Under certain circumstances, a school or district may grant an individual with out-of-state teaching experience or Ohio teaching experience credit toward the four-year requirement of the Resident Educator Program. Resident Educators can earn one or two years of credit for qualified prior teaching experience towards completing the four-year Ohio Resident Educator program requirement. 

DISCLAIMER: Prior teaching experience credit granted by the local program may or may not apply to the requirements for licensure advancement,

Who is Eligible to Receive Credit

Teachers who are eligible to participate in the Resident Educator Program and who meet one or more of the criteria below may be granted credit by their local program coordinator for one or two years of prior teaching experience toward completion of the Resident Educator Program. 

  • Out-of-state licensed teachers who met eligibility criteria (assignment and license type);
  • Ohio teachers who met eligibility criteria (assignment and license type) for the Resident Educator Program but who did not complete the program, regardless of the reason; and/or
  • Ohio teachers who taught under
    • Ohio Resident Educator License
    • ​An Ohio Alternative Educator license
    • An Ohio one-year out-of-state educator license
    • An Ohio supplemental teaching license, or
    • An Ohio two-year provisional license.

Teachers who come to Ohio with three or more years of teaching experience out-of-state should work with the Office of Educator Licensure to determine if they are eligible to apply for the five-year professional educator license. Please go here to learn more.

Types of Experience Eligible/Ineligible for Credit

Experience Eligible for Credit

Experience Ineligible for Credit

  • Teaching experience that occurred within four school years of the request during which time the teacher was not registered for the Ohio Resident Educator Program, but either met eligibility requirements or taught out-of-state in the area of licensure
  • Teaching experience that occurred under an eligible license (an Ohio Resident Educator license, an Ohio Alternative Educator license, an Ohio one-year out-of-state educator license, an Ohio supplemental teaching license, or an Ohio two-year provisional license) that met eligibility criteria (assignment and license type) in a long-term (a minimum of 120 days) substitute assignment
  • Teaching experience completed under substitute teaching licenses
  • Teaching experience completed under permanent non-tax licenses
  • Teaching experience for partial years (less than 120 days as defined by Ohio Revised Code 3319.09)
  • Teaching experience during summer school

Modified Program Requirements for Teachers with Teaching Credit

Regardless of prior credit issued, all Resident Educators begin in Year 1 of the program and participate in mentoring activities. Credit for prior teaching experience is applied to the final years of the program. The following chart may be used to determine the modified program requirements for teachers with prior teaching credit. 

Verified Prior Teaching Experience Earned

Program Requirements

One year of prior teaching credit
  • Complete Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 of the RE Program
  • Take the assessment (RESA) in either Year 2 or Year 3
Two years of prior teaching credit
  • Complete Year 1 and Year 2 of the RE Program
  • Take the assessment (RESA) in Year 2 or Year 3

Documentation of Teaching Credit

The employing school or district:

  • Must verify an eligible teaching license was held during the teaching experience (determined using the Effective Date of the license);
  • Must verify teaching experience occurred within the area of licensure;
  • Must be able to produce documentation of the teaching experience to ODE upon request, e.g. letters from prior employers, copies of teaching contracts;
  • May deny credit toward residency for prior teaching experience to teachers who are not able to produce acceptable documentation as defined by the district, and;
  • Must collaborate with the Resident Educator Program Coordinator to enter the granted credit for prior teaching experience in the CORE registration system. The Ohio Department of Education may decline credit if the experience is determined ineligible. See CORE handbook here.

Credit for Alternative Resident Educators

While credit may be given to teachers who hold an Alternative Resident Educator license, it is important to know for the purpose of licensure advancement, teachers with this license must still be registered in the RE Program and teach for four years within the area of licensure. See Finishing Residency for more details regarding Alternative Resident Educator advancement of license.

Questions Regarding Credit in the Resident Educator Program

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