Finishing Residency

Requirements for Finishing Residency

There are two requirements ALL teachers must fulfill in order to complete residency and become eligible to advance to the five-year professional license. The requirements are:

  1. Teacher must complete four program years (could include credit for prior teaching experiences).
  2. Teacher must pass the Resident Educator Summative Assessment.
Additional requirements for teachers who hold the Alternative Resident Educator License include the following:
  • Completion of four years of successful teaching experience under the Alternative Resident Educator license as verified by the employing superintendent. A teacher cannot use credit in the residency program to count toward those four years.
  • Successful completion of the four year Ohio Resident Educator Program
  • Teacher must successfully pass the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge as required.
  • Teacher must complete any other requirements listed as restrictions on their license such as additional professional education coursework.

Pathways to Completing Residency

There are multiple pathways to residency completion based on several factors such as license type, number of attempts to pass RESA and prior teaching credit. Please see the following document for a visual representation of some of these pathways.

How to apply to advance to the 5-Year Professional License

Once teachers meet all the requirements above, they are eligible to apply to advance their license to the 5-Year Professional License. Please follow the guidance under the section “How do I START my application request?” on the licensure website for instructions on how to apply to advance the license.

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