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Feb. 20, 2014 - Please remind RESA candidates to submit Tripod Student Perception Surveys by March 1


Teachscape is sending Resident Educator Summative Assessment candidates a reminder today that they must complete and return the Tripod Student Perception Surveys as directed on the survey materials no later than March 1.

On Feb. 10, Tripod sent paper surveys via FedEx to candidates who teach grades K-2 and emailed online surveys to candidates who teach grades 3-12. Some school districts may have Internet security features that prevent candidates from receiving emails from Tripod. Any candidates who have not received Tripod surveys should contact Tripod’s Help Desk immediately. 

Please note several groups of candidates did not receive the Tripod Survey because it is not appropriate for their students and/or context. These candidates, who must complete the alternate observation, include those who: teach pre-kindergarten; teach fewer than five students; or those who, because of special circumstances or technical difficulties, were granted permission by Teachscape to do an alternative observation. These candidates should complete the alternative set forth in the Handbook beginning on page 69.

Candidates who submit completed surveys but do not get enough responses to generate a report will be notified by the week of March 17. They also must complete the alternative observation as set forth in the Handbook.

More information on the Tripod Survey can be found on the Tripod ODE website or the RESA FAQs. For answers to questions about administering the Tripod Survey, please contact the Tripod Help Desk.