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Feb. 4, 2014 Program Coordinator Update


Timeline for the student perception survey for Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) candidates has changed

The schedule for conducting the Tripod Student Perception Survey that appears in the RESA Handbook on page 69 has now changed, but the new dates will give Ohio RESA candidates feedback on their teaching practice in time to complete RESA Task 5.

Cambridge, which administers the survey, will send detailed information directly to the candidates, via email and/or FedEx, during the week of Feb. 10. Candidates must administer and return the surveys no later than March 1. Candidates will receive their survey results via email by April 15, in time to complete Task 5 by May 15. The new schedule for the survey appears in the Handbook Addendum 1.1 available at

Candidates who are eligible to administer the survey have five or more students in their class who are able to complete the survey. Candidates who teach fewer than five students, have students who cannot complete the survey, or teach pre-K will complete the alternative task as outlined in the Ohio RESA Handbook. Candidates identified their participating class when completing their My Profile registration before submitting Task 1.

Cambridge has created short webinars on administering the survey. There are separate webinars for the paper and online versions of the survey and they can be found on the kindergarten through Grade 2 and Grades 3-12 pages of the Tripod website.

Task 2 Deadline and Weather-Related School Closures

The Task 2 deadline is less than two weeks away – at Midnight Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, Feb. 15. Teachscape had more than 3,000 RESA candidates (more than 95% of those who registered) submit Task 1. Also, we know that many candidates are currently working on Task 2 or have already submitted it.

We do not anticipate any candidate-wide Task 2 deadline extensions. Given the nature of Task 2 forms and requirements, we recommend that all candidates get started on their Task 2 requirements. In light of the student assessment requirements contained in this task, it would be imprudent to leave Task 2 to the last minute.

In light of the winter storms in Ohio this month and the related school closures those storms caused, candidates may need to consider modifying their original plans for Task 2 in order to complete it by the Feb. 15 deadline (for example, using a different, shorter instructional cycle, changing your summative assessment or choosing a different class to analyze).

Notwithstanding these weather-related school closures, we expect that most candidates should be able to complete Task 2 by the Feb. 15 deadline. We do recognize that some candidates may encounter unique scheduling or other issues that could impact their work on Task 2, i.e. specialists who meet with students only once a week.

If a candidate believes the weather-related school closures, coupled with a unique teaching context, has significantly impeded his or her ability to complete Task 2 by Feb. 15, the candidate should be proactive in contacting his or her program coordinator and the Teachscape Help Desk so that we can provide assistance to help the candidate submit Task 2 in a timely manner.

Please be sure RESA candidates are receiving updates from Teachscape

Teachscape sends important information and notices directly to Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) candidates via email (including many of the relevant news items included here). Please help us ensure that all candidates are receiving these updates by doing the following:

  • Confirm with your candidates that they are receiving email updates directly from Teachscape.
  • If candidates are not receiving emails from Teachscape, ask them to check spam folders and add “” as an approved sender to their email programs.
  • If candidates would like to change their email with Teachscape, ask them to send an email with their name and updated email address to Please put “update email address” in the subject line.
  • When you contact the RESA Help Desk with a specific candidate issue, please place that candidate’s email address on the “cc” line, so Teachscape can follow up directly with the candidate.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring candidates are receiving timely updates.

Help IQ added to resources for RESA candidates

The RESA FAQs are now available in a searchable, online format called Help IQ. With Help IQ, candidates can search the FAQs using key words or phrases, use the navigation side bar to quickly find topics and specific questions, and easily review new and updated FAQs.

The FAQs on Help IQ also can be viewed in their entirety and printed, just like the PDF version. In addition, Teachscape will continue to post a PDF of the FAQs that candidates can view and download.

Educators needed for paid positions to score RESA

The Ohio Department of Education and Teachscape are looking for teachers, administrators and university education faculty to serve as assessors for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA).

Applicants for the assessor positions, who will be compensated, must successfully complete online training, scoring practice and a certification test. Assessors will be allowed to work up to 30 hours per week. Each assessor applicant must have a minimum of five years of teaching experience in either a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 setting or in teacher education at a college or university. The program needs assessors experienced with general kindergarten through grade 12 content, as well as specialized areas such as foreign languages; vocational and career-technical fields; teaching students with special needs; or teaching in settings such as crisis centers, detention centers or medical facilities. It is strongly preferred that applicants have a current professional educator license or a permanent teaching certificate. Selected assessors will not be permitted to score tasks for candidates they know.

Selection of candidates will be ongoing until Teachscape has received a sufficient pool of applicants. The first online training opens in February. For more information about becoming an assessor, please see the job description, answers to frequently asked questions and the RESA Handbook posted here, as well as more information at Those who are interested in applying should send their name and email address to Teachscape at

Webinar series provides guidance on preparing RESA videos

Teachscape has created a webinar series on uploading and segmenting videos for the RESA, including:

  • Installing the Ohio RESA Uploader Tool;
  • Uploading Video to the Media Library;
  • Verifying that a Video was Uploaded to the Media Library;
  • Managing Media from the Media Library;
  • Submitting Media from the Media Library for a Task;
  • Segmenting Video that You Are Attaching to a Form.

A link to Help IQ and the video webinars are now available on the Resources page on We hope that these will be helpful to candidates when they complete Task 3.